Shardana-Trips to Asinara National Park

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Excursions with Shardana

Shardana mainly proposes three types of excursions to Asinara.

Jeep excursions, hikes or mountain bike and canoe trips.

Whatever your choice, our Park guide will wait for you at the boat departure (from Stintino at Tanca Manna pier or from Porto-Torres at the commercial port) at 9.15 am. Together you’ll go across on board 'Alcor'ship. In less than 30 minutes you’ll reach the island, at Fornelli.

Canoe excursions
Asinara island is a wonderful place for canoe excursion amateurs.

Along the coast and in still untouched coves, the visitor can discover almost virgin places which can only be reached by sea.

Various circuits are planned either for beginners or for experts. Families can also practise with the guide’s permanent assistance while experienced groups can go out completely on their own.

The easiest circuit leaves from Fornelli to arrive at Punta li Giorri and allows you to discover the south-eastern part of the island.

Another alternative is the discovery of the south-western part with the visit of Cala Galanza caves.

For the toughest people, the trip goes in two steps. Still leaving from Fornelli, the first part goes to Cala Reale. This part allows you to see the wildest area of the coast. Then going to Cala d'Oliva north of the island. A little more paddling, then the reward of diving into Cala Sabina special beach.

Finally, for who was born in a canoe, night trip from Fornelli to Porto-Torres on your own and without assistance, in the moonlight and in a bit more than three hours (;-)... You may ask the guide for the end of this story.

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