Shardana-Trips to Asinara National Park

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Excursions with Shardana

Shardana mainly proposes three types of excursions to Asinara.

Jeep excursions, hikes or mountain bike and canoe trips.

Whatever your choice, our Park guide will wait for you at the boat departure (from Stintino at Tanca Manna pier or from Porto-Torres at the commercial port) at 9.15 am. Together you’ll go across on board 'Alcor'ship. In less than 30 minutes you’ll reach the island, at Fornelli.

Jeep excursions
After a short visit to the tortoise hospital, you will get into one of our two Jeeps, which are perfectly appropriate for the island environment and can carry, in rather comfortable conditions, up to 8 passengers.

A few minutes later, you will start your visit with the old penitential zone and the biggest prison of the island. If you are interested in this matter, the guide will be able to show you other disused confinement places and high security wings.

Following the cement trail, you will come to one of the few hamlets now deserted of the island.

During the first part of the visit the guide will explain to you Asinara story. From the various ship battles in the island waters between Genoese and Aragonese people (1409) via the penitential colony creation and the health district creation (1885), to the story of a century of confinement and finally the creation of the National Park after closing the high security wing in 1997.

While going to Cala Reale, your next stop, you will probably be lucky enough to see most of the unique and specific wildlife of Asinara. No doubt a white albino donkey or a whole family of wild boars will cross your path (photos are compulsory but barbecues forbidden !).

After a stop in Cala Reale, your excursion will continue in a more naturalist way to discover the very peculiar local flora.

At midday, you will have a picnic in the center of the island, at Elighe Mannu where you will enjoy the natural freshness of this cork oak forest. This site is managed and maintained by the Forest Agency which has organized a nice comfortable rest area for visitors, respectful of the environment.

Leaving the undergrowth, you will follow the panoramic road to Punta Scomunica barren landscape (408 m.) from where you will be able to see Punta Scorno lighthouse.

At last, the sea! You cannot leave the island without going to Cala Sabina. In this paradisiac place probably one of the most beautiful and authentic beaches of the Mediterranean sea is hidden. You will swim and dive in pure waters to discover the sea depths.

After these privileged moments, it will already be time to go back to Fornelli where the boat will be waiting for you to leave at 6pm.

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